Old Calvary Weddings Photos

Old Calvary Weddings Photos

Old Calvary Church wedding photo parents watching ceremony black and white

Old Calvary Church wedding photo of bride and bridesmaids

Old Calvary Church wedding photo Sandusky, Ohio

Old Calvary Church Sandusky Ohio wedding photo of bride

Venue Details:

Old Calvary Church is a wedding ceremony venue located in Sandusky, OH. This historic 1898 church was fully restored in 2005, and it is now used exclusively for marriage ceremonies.

Old Calvary’s architecture, with vaulted ceilings and intricate woodwork, is awe-inspiring. Sunlight pours into the sanctuary through windows along both side walls. Stained glass windows and beautiful ceiling light fixtures add a warm glow to the atmosphere. The exterior stone walls and tall arched doorways give this building a castle-like feeling.

wedding photo at old calvary church in Sandusky, ohio

Why you'll love your wedding photos here:

1. The church’s walls are painted in colors that flatter skin tones in photographs, but are neutral enough to compliment a variety of wedding décor.

2. The venue offers two suites that are spacious, tastefully decorated, and full of natural light and reflective surfaces - perfect for beautiful getting ready pictures

3. The sanctuary provides two great options for traditional family and bridal party portraits: the alter with it’s dark feature wall and steps for positioning rows of people, or the warmly lit stained glass windows at the back with decorative wood trim to frame your photos.

Old Calvary Church photo of bridal portrait in aisle

Check out http://oldcalvary.com/ for more info on this venue.

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Location: Sandusky, Ohio.