Fun Wedding Photography: Sparkler Exits

Sparkler exits are a popular trend at weddings. We usually associate sparklers with the 4th of July, and so they definitely give us a feeling of celebration. Having them at your wedding can be a lot of fun and lead to some creative nighttime photos of you and your guests. It's nice to have these dark and vivid images to contrast with the bright daylight pictures that most wedding collections are full of.

A few important things to keep in mind for safe sparkler exits:

  1. Purchase the longer sparklers, meant for this purpose. The traditional tiny sparklers sold for cheap and used at many July 4th celebrations will not last long enough for all of your guests to have them lit simultaneously while you prepare to walk through them.
  2. Assign at least two guests or helpers to line everyone up into two rows, with a wide aisle between them, before lighting the sparklers. Inevitably, left to their own devices, guests will cluster and roam. I have seen the aisle too narrow and my clients ducking in fear of catching fire while running through! Your photographer needs to focus on taking pictures of this activity - and can't be the only one organizing your guests. I would recommend about six feet of aisle space.
  3. It may be tempting to RUN through the sparkler area, but that will only give your photographer one or two seconds to take photos, and you won't really get to enjoy the moment. Walk slowly and take a moment to stop and kiss or look at each other in the middle if you want a few great pictures. (This is why the aisle should be wide enough for you to take your time!)
  4. Make sure your photographer knows before the wedding day that you're planning a sparkler exit! It can be a tricky situation to light and photograph and he/she needs to be prepared for it.

Location: Mansfield, Ohio.