What is a Pop Up wedding?

A pop up wedding involves a collaboration of local wedding vendors, coming together to create an all-inclusive wedding day package. The vendor group typically includes a wedding planner, a wedding photographer, a venue, an officiant, a florist, a bakery, and a DJ. A specific date is chosen for the pop ups, and the team hosts multiple weddings at that location on that date. You receive the full wedding experience, with high quality features, in just a few hours and at a fraction of the traditional cost!

What's included:

My vendor team has created pop up packages to include the following:

  • a sought-after venue in Toledo, Ohio or Port Clinton, Ohio
  • a ceremony with an officiant
  • seating for up to 50 wedding guests
  • catering for you and your guests
  • music by a professional DJ
  • flowers and decor by a wedding florist and planner
  • a cake for cutting and champagne for toasting
  • candid photography and portraits, with digital download and printing rights
  • optional social media livestream for any who cannot attend

Benefits of a Pop Up Wedding:

  • EASE: It’s a low-stress planning process for the brides/grooms. You don’t have to search for, compare prices for, and sign multiple contracts for all of your vendors. Your vendor group includes everyone you would need to hire for your big day and one contract to cover it all.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Your vendors will all be fantastic! We've chosen our teammates carefully, trusting each of our reputations to each other by offering these pop up weddings together.
  • AFFORDABLE: You get a beautifully curated and smoothly executed wedding experience, for a fraction of the average wedding cost. As vendors, we are able to book multiple projects for the same day and location. We don’t have to turn away other customers on that date and risk losing income. You’re essentially splitting the cost of a big wedding with one or two other couples.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: You can let our planner handle everything for you, or you can truly customize your wedding to your tastes. Select from a few options for flowers, decor, food, and music, or make special requests as add-ons to the pop up package. Other possible add-ons include videography, livestream, photo albums, and more. Our planner will work with you every step of the way.

Possible Downsides of a Pop Up Wedding

It's always in your best interest to consider the cons with the pros when making a big decision, and planning your wedding is a big decision! There are a few possible downsides of choosing a pop up wedding rather than a traditional all-day event:

  • You don't get to choose each of your vendors on your own. You're given the team as a whole, and we've chosen each other. But we've chosen each other knowing that we are each competent and professional and able to deliver high quality products and services according to a variety of clients' preferences.
  • Your guest list may have to be a bit smaller than you hoped - or you can pay for an add-on to the pop up package to accommodate more.
  • Your wedding day timeline will look more like 3-4 hours than the popular 8-10 hours I see most often with full-day weddings. Of course, you can plan other activities on your own for the rest of the day!

The Vendor Team:

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Planner
Classy Bucket Events

Wedding Florist
The Flower Mercantile



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